1975 GL1000 Custom Honda Goldwing

“A couple of years ago I got rear ended on my old motorcycle. I was sitting at a stoplight in Nashville when some 19 year old girl hit me while she was sending a text message. Go figure — well she had been in several wrecks and didn’t want to call the insurance company so her mom agreed to send me what she called “a big check”. Big it was, indeed!
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Q: Are David Allan Coe and Jonny Fritz Related?

A: Yes! — “Although distant, we are related. My mom was born Chris Volz and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. Her aunt (my great-aunt) was named Harriet Niel and married Donnie Coe. Donnie was David’s dad. My mom never knew of David. He was a few years older and had already been sent away to a juvenile institution by the time she was introduced to his family. The way I’ve heard it told is that they were embarrassed of their kid and never spoke of him — until he got out of prison, started writing hits and became a star. Only then did they acknowledge him as their own.”

Did Jonny Really Rollerblade 100 Miles?

Words by Brandon Joyce:

The headlines, or the history books one, will soon read:


Three masters of disaster, traveling a hundred miles, by rollerblade, in what was certainly one of the Great Epics of Modern Times. We are all three still spinning, still nourished, from that feat. Let me provide you with some of the details, along with some ideas that hang very nicely on top of them.

The prospect first dawned on us after Jonny and I had taken a roller-excursion to FDR skatepark, here in South Philadelphia. It was a foray into that new extreme sport/field of experimental sociology we might call faggotry: braving the slings and arrows and “hey faggots” of common social pressures against things and activities– like spandex, like “fruitbooting”– that might not strike people as sufficiently rugged or punk-rock for their tastes. As any dragqueen or flamboyant homosexual can tell you: it takes a real man to be a faggot.

By the time I waddled out of the car at FDR, I had a helmet strapped to my head and a pillow strapped to my ass. The archetypal gaylord. Jonny and I made for the vert ramp,
fucked around a little, but realized we needed something larger in scope, something that put us in the middle of the things. We then bladed to West Philadelphia, for the evening, and bladed all the way home again. This still left us wanting.
Jonny suggested rollerblading to New York.
Not five minutes after, Our Quest was certain. Jay joined the minute he caught word.
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Jonny Fritz Running Marathons?

Jonny has completed three marathons!

“My first one was The Philadelphia Marathon – November 27th, 2007. I finished the race in 4 hours, 1 minute and 37 seconds. Which isn’t the best time but I was just happy to have actually done it! It was 33 degrees that day and it rained the whole race. What an awful day. Afterwards I played a show at The Philadelphia Institute for Advance Studies. It was an album release show for “I’m Not Ready to be a Daddy”. I had talked so much shit about how I was going to run a marathon that I decided to push it over-the-top and release the record on the same day. I don’t tend to under do it.

The second was the Barcelona Marathon, 2008, to kick off my 2nd European tour. I flew to Barcelona two days before the race, I didn’t train for it, I was jet-lagged and still had traces of the flu. It was a horrible run. I managed to finish the thing in 3 hours, 57 minute and 18 seconds, though. Not bad — especially considering the circumstances. It was also 75 degrees that day, which may sound nice but it was about 20 degrees hotter than ideal. It made for a slow and hard recovery.
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