Get Your Rocks Off Podcast interview


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Official Video for ‘Goodbye Summer’

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DAD COUNTRY in stores NOW!

Beyond excited to bring you 'Dad Country'! Pick up your copy today at a store near you, through this website, at a show or online at iTunes or Enjoy!   … [Continue reading]

Stream DAD COUNTRY thanks to American Songwriter!

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Pre-Order DAD COUNTRY on iTunes!

Dad Country is out April 16 but you can pre order it now at iTunes!! … [Continue reading]

Tour dates with Heartless Bastards!

Excited to announce west coast tour dates with Heartless Bastards! Go to the tourdates page for info and head to the link below for the 2013 free MP3 tour sampler from Heartless Bastards and Jonny Fritz! … [Continue reading]

DAD COUNTRY – coming April 16 (USA) & April 15 (Europe)!!


Hi Friends, I am very happy to announce that we finally found a home for Dad Country. It's a big one with a yard and a swing and a pool and a sand box. The neighborhood is friendly, the school district is great, there are lots of little shops and … [Continue reading]

1975 GL1000 Custom Honda Goldwing


"A couple of years ago I got rear ended on my old motorcycle. I was sitting at a stoplight in Nashville when some 19 year old girl hit me while she was sending a text message. Go figure -- well she had been in several wrecks and didn't want to call … [Continue reading]

Q: Are David Allan Coe and Jonny Fritz Related?


A: Yes! --- "Although distant, we are related. My mom was born Chris Volz and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. Her aunt (my great-aunt) was named Harriet Niel and married Donnie Coe. Donnie was David's dad. My mom never knew of David. He was a few years … [Continue reading]

Did Jonny Really Rollerblade 100 Miles?


Words by Brandon Joyce: The headlines, or the history books one, will soon read: JAY PURDY, JONNY FRITZ, AND BRANDON JOYCE, DURING THE 27TH AND 28TH OF MAY, THIS TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE, ROLLERBLADED FROM SOUTHERNMOST PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YORK … [Continue reading]