Moving to L.A. and playing The Bluegrass Situation

After a good 6 years in Nashville, I think I’m done. I’m saying this from a new leather working shop in my friends garage here in Los Angeles. So to say that I think I’m done isn’t that accurate. Long gone would put it better. I think Nashville got a lil too L.A. for me. I know it seems funny to move to the place that reminds you of what you don’t like about the place you’re leaving BUT hear me out. I like transparency and honesty. Nashville has always been a rough, shitty little town. It was hard and you only went there if you really cared. There was nothing to eat after 8 pm and nobody did much but sit around and write songs. It was cheap, slow, friendly and frustrating (if you had any ambition to do anything else).

In the past three years, it’s shifted quite a bit. At first it was exciting. People were actually paying attention to our lil town and it made me proud. Then the bros discovered the dive bars and showed up in limos. They came in droves from some Alabama college campus, sprayed Axe body spray all over everything, high fived a lot and took a lot of pictures. The next phase was “to hell with this, I’m out of here”. After I left, I was all like “ahh man” and when I got to Los Angeles the other day I was all like “home at last”.

To celebrate my landing in L.A. I’d like to announce that I’m playing The Bluegrass Situation on Saturday, Oct. 3rd. It’s gonna be great but I’m only playing for 15 minutes so get there early! I’m also planning on renting out a booth to sell some leather goods. I don’t know if they have any room left or not but if they do, I’ll be out there all day long. Come say hi and get fitted for a strap!


Check out what they had to say about this lil ole leatherworker at The Bluegrass Situation

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